Financial Services

Financial Services

Don’t Let Regulatory Challenges Frustrate Your Financial Services Marketing Strategy Turn Challenges to Your Advantage with Winning Content Marketing for Financial Services

On average, financial services companies in the B2B space spend 8% of their revenues on marketing and it is important that those budgets are spent successfully. Adding to the challenge is the fact that there are very strict legal guidelines on marketing financial services which add significant difficulty to strategizing a campaign. Firms will often seek specialized advice from a financial services marketing agency to help mitigate the risks involved and make sure that their digital marketing campaign promotes their financial products and financial services in a legally compliant manner, while still being creative enough to attract their target audience and prospective customers.

Millennials have financially come of age, and today this group are a prime target when marketing financial services. Lead generation on social media and email marketing financial products are activities that resonate especially with the millennial customer, and which also require significant expertise to execute successfully. Digital marketing for financial services on social media and by email has some serious challenges for the marketing mix, which include navigating regulations on data security, privacy and consumer protection. Firms which take these concerns seriously are preferred when millennials consider a brand in the B2B financial space. Until only recently, financial services companies have been avoiding social media due to the difficult regulatory challenges, and are only now realizing the viral potential of social media marketing.

A financial services advertising agency that has experience working within the strict guidelines and the special circumstances of financial products marketing can add tremendous value for its financial services clients when differentiating them over their competition, especially when strategizing on digital marketing for financial products and services.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is another common and effective b2b financial services marketing activity. Using ABM, a financial services marketing agency can target by deal size, portfolio size, customer revenue and a number of other data points. This stretches the budget and makes the most out of the financial services lead generation process.

With our deep financial research expertise here at Elevation Marketing, we help you not only distinguish your solution from competitors but also to quickly validate your offering in a way that actually builds trust and confidence with your buyer.

Partly because most financial services involve a human to human interaction, aligning sales and marketing is more crucial than in any other industry that we serve. The goal for financial marketing companies is to fuse marketing and sales together in order to create a seamless and efficient buyer’s journey. Storytelling is a much more important tool than is being used by many financial services firms for selling their brand and customer experience effectively. Anything can be part of storytelling, from logo and website design for financial planning services to the standard toolkit of digital advertising that includes a mix of SEO, PPC, PR, display ads, and so on. This requires a careful process of knowing how, when, and where to deliver the right content to the right audience for maximum effectiveness.

Content marketing financial services has become the staple of many marketing plans. Due to the complex nature of financial products, and their fusion with technological breakthroughs in AI, machine learning, blockchain and other disruptive digital technologies, marketing requires unique talent to create content that both carefully explains the benefits of the financial products and which also thrives within the strict guidelines of finance marketing. Luckily, Elevation Marketing’s years of experience working within the financial services industry has helped us identify and recruit the best talent to market financial products and services successfully.

Despite the regulatory challenges discussed above, financial services firms are not wholly conservative in their marketing, web design, or even the positioning of their brands. In fact, some financial companies are turning to the modern, B2C tactic of influencer marketing to drive brand consideration, just as other industries are doing so in the business to business space.

Still, the risk-adverse nature of many buyers forces financial services marketing agencies to focus immediately on how to develop trust and build a relationship between, for example, financial planning advisers and their leads. In the strict legal confines, tight budgets, and risk-averse attitude towards financial services lead generation, we let you stand out and gain ground quickly with a combination of the following tools:


  • Branding
  • Strategy
  • Content
  • Website Design
  • Digital (SEO/PPC/Social Media)
  • Product and Services Launches
  • Design
  • Market Research
  • Media
  • Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Channel Marketing
  • Application Development
  • Events
  • Lead Generation
  • Case Studies

Don’t let the regulatory, budgetary or other of financial marketing keep you from putting together the best marketing plan led by a team that knows how to execute on it. Put your marketing money with the agency that knows how to sell when money is on the line.

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