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Winning B2B Content Marketing

Content is no longer about pushing as much information to as many people as possible. You need to tell your story in a way that connects with a specific audience, at a specific time and in a specific way. This requires careful strategy from seasoned content development experts.

A commonly used and effective revenue-driving content strategy is to write in-depth, white papers or eBooks about topics meaningful to your buyers. These assets act as more objective sources of information, rather than pure marketing materials. If planned and written properly, these materials can reduce buyer uncertainty about your products and even increase brand loyalty.

An alternative approach is to focus on social content to drive website traffic and leads. Meanwhile, for some businesses, traditional print advertising content and media placement strategies work best to improve business and drive audience engagement.

With all these tactical options, which do you choose? For B2B businesses, a siloed approach with a singular tactic rarely works. Elevation Marketing studies your customers to develop a unified strategy based on the relevant channels they visit, and then targets them with the content they are actually looking for – all at precisely the right time for making an impact on their decision to purchase from you and remain loyal to your brand.

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Powerful Stories That Engage Your Audience

Storytelling is key, and to get it right, we are not afraid to push the boundaries of B2B content, encouraged by successful results. Impactful storytelling creates the strongest messaging, using an authoritative voice backed by data. This serves the dual purpose of motivating readers to purchase, or to perform another desired call to action in the immediate term, while also maintaining the brand’s strong reputation in the longer term. Our storytellers are some of the most creative in the business, and it shows in the success of our content with the audiences targeted.

Here is just a sampling of the content offerings we use to tell your B2B story right:
  • Copywriting, editing
  • Content strategy
  • Content planning
  • Thought leadership content development
  • Influencer, audience identification
  • Case studies, white papers, ebooks

The final scope is up to you. Whether it’s simply developing a series of ebooks or creating an overall content strategy that feeds and supports your entire marketing strategy to drive revenue growth. To see powerful, targeted content in action, click on any of the links below:

Content Strategy
Thought Leadership
Case Studies
White Papers

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