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From Cliché to Today: Modern Marketing Strategies for Agricultural Products

What’s changing faster, agricultural technology or agricultural marketing? Whichever way you lean, the speed of change has to be met head-on with the latest thinking, technologies,  techniques and tactics. Agricultural marketing companies must be adaptive, because state-of-the-art agricultural equipment and software are constantly—and rapidly—evolving. The barrage of iterative improvements and entirely new products creates a wall of noise that those in agricultural and agribusiness, and those marketing them, have to find strategic, effective and creative ways to break through.

Balance Generational Preferences and Perceptions

Complicating matters: a generational shift in how marketing is delivered, perceived and acted upon. Younger decision-makers are moving up in the ranks. More established decision-makers remain in leadership roles. These growers, suppliers and producers may approach things differently, from marketing services and products to vetting business partners and navigating relationships. How do you get one’s attention without alienating the other? Targeting both is a balancing act, but it’s also quite doable with the right strategy, tactics and execution in place.

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Agri Stories

Tell and Sell a Memorable, Compelling Story

Quality and customer service are table stakes when it comes to agriculture, but that doesn’t make them good for marketing. The same goes for words like ‘better’ and ‘unique.’ Your product or service may be all those things, but to some ears that just sounds cliché or, worse yet, like so much insincere marketing jargon.

What sets you apart is the story you tell about those products and services. Your brand story is powerful and uniquely, wonderfully yours, and it has its own built-in set of storytellers—your employees. When done well those storytellers include your customers, too. Don’t just tell them to believe, give them a reason to believe. Appeal to their senses and emotions in addition to their intellect.

Make It Easy to Talk About Your Products and Services

A strong brand built upon an equally strong value proposition—with a story to match—helps you, your employees and your customers clearly communicate your company’s strengths to their peers and business partners. That generates more leads and helps convert those browsing or considering your products and services into lifelong customers. Today’s consumers—B2B and B2C alike—prize authenticity. Positive word-of-mouth is still a strong B2B marketing tool with considerable advantages. Make it easy for people to articulate the benefits of your agricultural products and services with a solid value proposition, relevant messaging and engaging content that brings your vision and strategy to life. Make your B2B marketing investment count.

At Elevation Marketing, we use our strategy-led, data-driven approach to help agriculture and agribusiness clients establish their unique brand and value proposition, communicate it effectively and make sure it drives sales. Our agriculture marketing agency services include:

  • Branding
  • Strategy
  • Content
  • Website Design
  • Digital (SEO/PPC/Social Media)
  • Product and Services Launches
  • Design
  • Market Research
  • Media
  • Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Channel Marketing
  • Application Development
  • Events
  • Lead Generation
  • Case Studies

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App simplifies collateral creation

Case Study

Proprietary app makes creating and printing professional, on-brand, customized sales collateral fast and easy for the field sales team.

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Fresh brand, new site, and more customers

Case Study

Brand refresh, digital campaign, and new website aligned with seasonal farming needs produce 200+ sales qualified leads in 90 days.

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Ad strategy accelerates growth

Case Study

Informative ad campaign, direct mail and public relations strategy amplifies awareness and boosts agriculture manufacturer’s revenue 30%.

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Awareness campaign jump starts leads

Case Study

Brand awareness strategy for a large global brand relatively new to the U.S. market results in 2,968 qualified leads in less than 3 months.

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