Construction Advertising and Marketing is not Up-to-date on the Latest Digital Marketing Technologies; Smarter B2B Firms can Use that to Their Advantage

Construction advertising and marketing spend is only 13% of the average B2B construction company’s revenue. Influencing the purchasing decision-makers is hard for construction marketing firms because lead generation can be difficult to achieve.

Digital marketing techniques like search engine optimization (seo) are less deployed by construction companies for lead generation than by other industries. Even if the best construction marketing agencies have it in their toolkits, construction seo is little called for in marketing for construction companies.

Once you do reach them, your messaging needs to be more specific and less like a sales pitch than in almost any other B2B industry. Architects, designers, specifiers and other targets of lead generation activities in the construction industry prefer fast and efficient solutions that they can trust. They tend to be naturally skeptical of marketing and sales tactics used so often by construction marketing agencies.

Each of these personas has their own interests that need to be addressed by construction marketing firms when providing construction marketing and lead generation services. For example, engineers, architects and designers care about specification and performance. Meanwhile, builders and general contractors care about timelines and costs. Subcontractors care about ease of installation, supply and reliability. And owner/operators care about operating costs and risk control. How you position your product or service to each individual audience is critical. This requires very precise construction advertising, down to even the message your logo sends about your positioning.

Construction also presents a very unique Business to Business environment when it comes to relationships versus pricing. In most construction-based businesses, relationships play a big role. At the same time, a construction company must go through a rigorous bidding process for most construction materials and services. Therefore, successful construction marketing services will position your products and services in ways that overcome pricing objectives and maintain your desired margin.

With human lives at stake, the process of building trust is typically a focal point for positioning yourself well in the construction industry. Elevation Marketing is one of the few construction lead services that uses long-tested processes to communicate trust in a way that helps you stand out from the construction advertising noise.

Even while moving into the digital marketing world, traditional B2B marketing techniques still have high value inside the construction space as long as they are laser-focused and part of a comprehensive marketing strategy for a construction business. Part of the reason the construction industry is slow to adapt is the longer cycles required for new product adoption compared to other B2B industries. It does not, therefore, come as a surprise that the construction industry ranks at the bottom in terms of the adoption of marketing technology.

However, at Elevation Marketing we are trained to see opportunities where another construction marketing agency may only see a problem. Slow adoption by other construction marketing agencies and their clients means that your forward-thinking business can leap ahead of the competition by adapting to the latest in construction advertising, and other digital marketing for construction companies before the competitors know what hit them. As an expert construction marketing firm, we can create and execute on a marketing plan that can set you apart in this hyper-competitive and difficult to penetrate construction industry by using all of the most effective digital marketing tools.

For example, how many companies in the construction space are embracing Account-Based Marketing (ABM), rather than only relying on the Request for Proposal (RFP) process? ABM brings your marketing and sales teams together, accelerating the business development cycle and building those strong relationships that help you stand out in the sea of comparable bids and services offered by competitor brands. And then, of course, there are specific techniques and marketing tools, such as construction SEO, PPC, PR, social, media ads, web design and more.

To help B2B firms like yours sprint ahead of the competition, we bring to the table a number of construction advertising and marketing services, including:


  • Branding
  • Strategy
  • Content
  • Website Design
  • Digital (SEO/PPC/Social Media)
  • Product and Services Launches
  • Design
  • Market Research
  • Media
  • Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Channel Marketing
  • Application Development
  • Events
  • Lead Generation
  • Case Studies

Use our established processes and marketing expertise to reach leads in the construction industry faster, gain their trust earlier, and form the relationships that help your bid stand out on every level.

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