In the Fast-Changing World of B2B Technology Marketing, Rapid Execution with the Best Content Marketing Wins Business

Tech products and solutions evolve quickly as they respond to constant sales pressures and IT industry disruptions. Therefore, product life cycles are short and tech companies rely on quick-turn marketing to stay ahead of competitors. This makes marketing technology companies and services especially challenging.

Content marketing is a cornerstone of the most successful strategies implemented by b2b technology marketing agencies on behalf of their tech clients. The best IT marketing firms have content creators who can produce specific, in-depth and enticing content to attract a highly tech-savvy audience, which is critical to the success of any marketing strategy for an IT consulting or engineering firm. At Elevation B2B Marketing, we provide our tech clients with the creativity of some of the most skilled technology marketing communicators in the industry today who know how to effectively deliver the precise content needed to execute on a strategy. We will quickly understand your product’s overall market dynamics, your innovative solution and its place in the IT industry ecosystem, and armed with the same – generate results.

In B2B technology content marketing your audience could be a highly technical buyer who is inundated with hundreds of messages daily, or your audience may be unfamiliar with concepts on the cutting edge of tech today. Technology is transforming how products and services are delivered, and that is why clearly written, understandable and incisive content is a key part of any technology marketing mix. So how do you make your message stand out for these diverse customer experience levels?

As a leading technology marketing agency, we use our proven, research-driven approach to help clients in a number of tech-related areas including technology product marketing, tech services marketing and developing specific campaigns to launch software marketing initiatives.

Our IT lead generation toolkit includes explanatory content to demystify complex product features and tech solutions, and also content that answers readers’ questions about an overall product category or digital service. Such techniques implicitly develop trust in your brand as a sign of quality within that product and tech service category.

Customers appreciate such efforts at public relations, and reward the best tech content marketing by making those IT companies their preferred choice when purchasing tech products and services. However, in order for IT lead generation to be most successful, we also focus on aligning the “right” content with the “right” audience and channel, at the “right” place in your sales funnel. In our experience, successful technology content marketing for an engineering or consulting firm must target specific pain points through the most effective channels, which will ultimately drive ROI for IT companies.

When it comes to B2B technology marketing, you can expect a certain level of tech expertise from those who consume your marketing messages. This means that they won’t trust brands that skip the technical specification talk. At the same time, be mindful about the actual people through whom this marketing must pass. The tech marketing strategy we propose for our IT company clients involves creating a multi-lane approach.

B2B Technology marketing agencies must create dynamic content for their IT client to be successful at both ends of the spectrum – both with a highly technical audience which appreciates the sharing of subject matter expertise, while also creating buy-in with the non-technical personas inside targeted companies who would be the first to see and respond to messaging, and so who are highly important in your sales funnel.

At Elevation B2B Marketing our technology marketing services are customized to the specific subcategory in which our clients specialize. Here is a brief overview of the main technology areas where we can help you with marketing.

Technology Areas

We are one of the few software marketing companies to approach software marketing from a research, data-driven perspective. What does your market and competitive landscape tell you? What will your software do – not just better than other software, but also with additional value that your audience actually seeks? Are you focused on building websites or do you also offer web design and logo creation? We’ll find your advantage and run with it.

Engineering firm marketing is complex. Yet, these services are in-demand, so when consulting on a technology marketing project such as engineering website design, we make sure that the end result reflects all of your unique advantages. How are your engineers both better and more efficient than the competition? How can you assure your clients that your work will get it done right on the first try every time? When creating a marketing strategy for an engineering consulting firm, we make sure to drive these points home with content rooted in deep understanding of the end client’s needs and concerns.

In Fintech (Financial Technology), there are vast amounts of client money on the line, so the margin of error in Fintech marketing and advertising campaigns is even more narrow. Therefore, our Fintech marketing strategies build solid trust and confidence in our client’s tech capabilities. Content marketing here is integral to success, as many Fintech products and solutions have taken traditional financial products and services delivery into a disruptive new direction, facilitated by the most cutting-edge technology – think virtual banking and money transfer over blockchain platforms. Therefore, educating audiences as to the benefit and added value of these technologies is key to a successful Fintech marketing strategy.

Whenever people’s health is involved, extra caution needs to be taken to avoid false advertising. So, when we are providing biotech digital marketing services, biotech website design or a biotech content marketing strategy, we are always careful to balance out the hype of rightfully promising technology with the need to not overpromise. When marketing is rooted in deep research and intimate understanding of the industry, there is a way to balance the expectations of all stakeholders while still exciting readers about both the content and the company behind it.

IT marketing firms usually put emphasis on reliability of their client’s IT engineering or consultancy services. While this is certainly important, it is just as crucial not to overlook all of the added value a top-notch IT services provider brings to continuity of operations, cost savings and fostering ease of communication between team members. All of these contribute to better revenues as a result of such an increase in efficiency. Our IT lead generation strategies look to raise awareness on how specific benefits of our clients’ IT services can improve the bottom line of businesses across industry sectors. We take view that to foster long-term client relationships and sustainable business development is the way to make our IT clients most successful.

For each of the above service areas, as well as for others, we have at your disposal a complete toolkit of marketing services that can work both individually and in a number of combinations:


  • Branding
  • Strategy
  • Content
  • Website Design
  • Digital (SEO/PPC/Social Media)
  • Product and Services Launches
  • Design
  • Market Research
  • Media
  • Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Channel Marketing
  • Application Development
  • Events
  • Lead Generation
  • Case Studies

We make sure that each of the services listed above works within your overall marketing strategy to increase your ROI and lifetime customer value.

At the end of the day, technology marketing needs to be as fast and effective as our clients’ innovative technology itself is. At Elevation Marketing, we have the years of B2B expertise, the proven processes, and the multidisciplinary team to take your technology marketing campaign to the next level.

Some of our clients within this industry: