B2B Media Buying Services

B2B Media Buying, Transparent and Convenient

Elevation Marketing differs from other media buying agencies in that we integrate both digital and traditional media buying campaigns to attract motivated buyers. We believe a seamless, integrated experience across channels avoids lost opportunities in a multi-device world.

Our agency’s media buys use a combination of direct placements, programmatic buying, real-time bidding and search marketing. Leveraging display, mobile, video, search and social, we drive impression volumes and heighten conversion opportunities exponentially. Collectively, these B2B media buying approaches allow for a fluid process and protection against changing buyer behavior.

We keep it simple. We optimize constantly, tweak your campaigns regularly and report media campaign performance routinely, giving you insight on how your investments perform against ROI metrics.

B2B Media Buying Services:
  • Media placement opportunities
  • RFP and negotiations
  • Adaptive bid strategy
  • Ad operations
  • Campaign management
  • Campaign and revenue attribution
  • Analysis and optimization

If you’re looking for smart marketing solutions that support stronger sales, let’s talk.