B2B Email Marketing Services

Make Email Marketing for Your Business Easier, Not Harder

Elevation Marketing specializes in B2B email marketing while ensuring all activities integrate with the wider marketing strategy to move prospects through the sales funnel.

Whether it’s redesigning your company’s email template or turning your welcome emails into a drip campaign, Elevation Marketing helps your brand deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time for maximum effect.

As part of our email marketing services, our scope of work includes copywriting, list building, email campaign setup and deployment, email automation, custom integrations and programming, and much more.

It’s all about crafting a conversation that turns general prospects into highly qualified sales leads and a measureable return on your investment.

B2B Email Marketing Services:
  • Full-service campaign management
  • Strategic planning and assessment
  • Building B2B email marketing databases
  • B2B email design and template production
  • Email message writing
  • Email deployment and management
  • Email list maintenance
  • Triggered email campaigns
  • Reengagement campaigns
  • Drip Campaigns

If you’re looking for smart marketing solutions that support stronger sales, let’s talk.