B2B Social Media and Public Relations Services

Driving Engagement to Cultivate Relationships

To maximize market engagement, you need to connect the values of your brand to the interests of target audiences and continually reinforce that bond. Elevation Marketing uses effective B2B social media strategies and public relations campaigns to ensure your message is heard, shared and driving your company’s business objectives in ways that can be measured, verified and justified.

Each social and PR campaign builds authority, trust and credibility in your industry.
From editorial placements and written expert-opinion pieces to headline speaking engagements and engaged followings on social media, Elevation increases brand awareness and instills brand preference in target buyers.

Social Media and Public Relations Services:
  • Storylines and messaging development
  • Thought leadership strategy
  • Category influencer targeting
  • Target buyer segmentation
  • Understanding sales influence and intent
  • Activity and value reporting
  • Brand quality perception alignment
  • Sales lead qualification and processing
  • MQL close rate strategies
  • Editorial and media relations

If you’re looking for smart marketing solutions that support stronger sales, let’s talk.