B2B Media Research Services

Investment in Media Research Can Save Marketing Money

Elevation Marketing helps B2B brands reduce squandered advertising spend with data-driven, media marketing research.

We examine your vertical to help you determine your target market profile, defining who is most likely to buy and use your offerings. You’ll also find out who is searching online for, purchasing and discussing products or services like yours. From here, we assess each media outlet and its ability to tell your brand story, as well as connect you with your target audience in the space that they live in.

Our research creates clarity and enables our clients to surface the media outlets that will drive meaningful performance.

Media Marketing Research Services:
  • Strategic market study
  • Medium’s subscriber profile analysis
  • Media usage profiles
  • Media publication monitoring
  • Blog monitoring
  • Track business news mentions and press releases
  • Social and opinion research
  • Radio research

If you’re looking for smart marketing solutions that support stronger sales, let’s talk.