B2B Branded Environments

Let the Audience Experience Your Brand First-Hand

In a continuously evolving world, brands are now experienced instead of witnessed. There is a real need today for consumers, stakeholders and employees to “experience” their brands in a live setting using multiple channels such as exhibits, display, branded environments, corporate meetings, conferences and user forums to connect with audiences around the world.

Creating a live event is something event production companies specialize in. However, these companies typically don’t consider the broader, overall strategies of the brand or how to map the event experience to those strategies. At Elevation Marketing, we understand how to drive real results by applying best practices in marketing techniques to the experiences we create.

Branded Environment Services:
  • Strategic and tactical planning
  • Messaging for creative design and content creation
  • Exhibits designing and building
  • Event production (lights, sound, video, staging, etc.)
  • Pre- and Post-event marketing services
  • Marketing, product and sales collateral
  • Customer, prospect and employee communication(s)
  • ROI-based reporting

If you’re looking for smart marketing solutions that support stronger sales, let’s talk.