Case Study: Praxair – B2B Graphic Design Drives Higher Conversions

The Challenge

Praxair Distribution, Inc. planned to add a line of MIG welders — named Avenger — to its line of welding products. Praxair partnered with Elevation Marketing to introduce the product line to the marketplace, while eliminating costly mistakes of launching inadequately. Elevation Marketing was challenged with identifying an effective value proposition and communicating it clearly to Praxair’s target audience.

Our Approach

The solution was a print design revamp that maintained an existing parent brand value proposition, while introducing new ideas into the design mix.

The graphic design project aimed to breath new life into Praxair’s print marketing materials and transition from a technical features seller to a strategic benefits seller. Elevation Marketing identified gaps in the market where the product could be introduced.

Next, through a phased roll out, created entirely new logos, brochures, sell sheets, in-store displays, banner ads and landing pages for each stage of the buyer’s journey. Creative maintained the integrity of the parent brand using recognizable elements of color, but introduced bold visuals to grab attention and articulate product benefits and capabilities.

The Results

  • Increased vertical market penetration
  • Doubled website traffic
  • Developed a funnel that exceeded sales forecast

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