Case Study: Praxair – B2B Content Marketing Increases Brand Affinity

The Challenge

Praxair teamed up with Elevation Marketing to create a cornerstone collateral piece to reaffirm its position as the industry leader in metal fabrication.

Our Approach

To accomplish this mission, Elevation launched a semiannual publication known as Praxair Productivity Matters to reinforce and exemplify the company’s expertise in a distinctive and engaging way.

Elevation’s brand solution for Praxair made it possible to maximize the company’s presence in the metal fabrication industry, using print to represent Praxair’s industry leadership and position.

The Results

  • Helped Praxair define itself in the manufacturing marketplace
  • Increased brand affinity
  • To date, Productivity Matters is the most used and repurposed sales tool currently in Praxair’s arsenal

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