Avenet Riverbed Case Study

Motivate Re-Sellers With Innovative, Once-In-A-Lifetime Sales Incentives

When it comes to incentivizing partners to sell your product, oftentimes, a standardized, one-size-fits-all marketing strategy doesn’t quite cut it. To truly motivate value added re-sellers to close more accounts and drive revenue, you need an innovative, simple-to-deploy sales program that fosters excitement and engages the competive spirit.

See how Elevation B2B Marketing’s Race is On campaign helped Avent Riverbed:

  • Drive VARs to close new business opportunities
  • Double revenue growth
  • Increased brand affinity and vendor loyalty

Download the Avnet Riverbed sales incentive case study to see how an out-of-the-box, incentivized marketing campaign can help motivate your partner re-sellers and reveal new revenue opportunities.

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