Q&A with Senior Art Director, Travis Gauthier.

For the month of May, we got to learn more about our Senior Art Director, Travis Gauthier. Get to know more about him and his role at the agency below!

What do you do in your role at Elevation?

As a Sr. Art Director with Elevation Marketing, my role spans across many different creative areas of the company. Typical work duties include creating client brands, sharing concepts and rationale with clients, concepting ideas and executing them rapidly across digital, print and video mediums by designing print and digital brand guides, landing pages, UI/design of responsive websites, print and digital ads, mailers, illustrating icons and logos, brochures, trade show booth graphics, banners, flyers, sales and data sheets, presentation decks, front-end web, email and e-newsletter design, development and deployment, storyboarding, animation, video and audio editing. I also help with estimates and reviewing/approving work for various clients as well.  I’m sure there is more but these are the ones that immediately come to mind.

Tell us about a typical day in the life of Travis

This really varies depending on what’s happening in life. Since the birth of my son, a typical work-day includes waking up early, making coffee for my wife and I and talking with her before my son wakes up and then heading off to work.  I like coming to work early and wrapping up as much work as possible before the daily rush begins. While at work, my goal is to work as fast as I can to the best of my abilities. After work, within recent years, my daily after-work routine mainly consists of being with my family. My wife and I will play with our son, go for a walk, cook or grill and then put him down for bed and clean/work on the house. Recently, weekends have been spent preparing for our newborn son but normally we try going out of town for the day and explore, hike, cycle, paddle-board and/or hanging out with friends and family.

What is the most interesting trend in the graphic design world right now?

I’ve noticed within recent years that “what’s old is new again”, however, it’s done better now.  For instance, animated GIF graphics were popular when I first started developing websites during the mid/late 90’s and they’ve regained popularity over the past several years.  The dancing baby and flames on many browsers have been replaced with elegant, animated infographics and funny memes. Also, websites used to be mainly static HTML, then Flash introduced us to the world of animated websites, and now we’re back to mainly HTML sites that incorporate elements of animation.

Any skills that you would like to master that you think may help you become better in your role?

On the side, I’ve been playing around with HTML5 animated banners.  I used to created Flash animated banners years ago and it’s quite similar in nature so I think it would be fun working with these again if there is an opportunity. Also, about fifteen years ago I worked with 3D a lot, using 3ds Max and Bryce. I’d like to get back into 3D again, except now using Cinema 4D which is heavily integrated with After Effects which I use frequently.

When and where do you have your best ideas?

Mornings and especially after a relaxing vacation when the brain has been recharged. I do remember having the fortunate opportunity years ago to work from home and found that fresh ideas and clearer focus came from that experience.

What’s your favorite project you’ve worked on at Elevation?

Honestly it’s hard to remember all of them since we’ve done a lot and work very quickly.  They’re all good :).

What would you suggest to people who want to get involved in graphic design? Are there any misconceptions people have about it?

Photoshop is not magic. The phrase, “just Photoshop it” has turned a fifty-step process into a one-click trick and this simply is not the case. And for anyone who is interested in doing graphic art, especially if you’re an artist at heart, my recommendation would be to jump right in and start playing around. The world is much different today with YouTube and there are so many free tutorials to get started.

Tell us something about you that we may not know.

My right shoulder had been dislocated countless times to the point of having surgery. The irreparable damage caused my tendons to have issues so I’ve had to work with the left and right mouse buttons flipped.  May be good to know, in case anyone ever needs to use my computer.

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