Leveraging the Power of IoT in High-Tech [Infographic]

A fairly new trend is to leverage Internet of Things initiatives to transform Internet Protocol addressability and awareness into business advantage.

According to a study released by GE and World Bank, the IoT opportunity could be as big as $32 trillion, unlocking a new wave of product growth for all industries, especially high-tech.

So what is IoT? IoT is a global network of IP-connected sensors, actuators, networks, machines and devices. These things communicate with each other without human interaction, using IP connectivity.

Given the precise nature of the core structures, the high-tech industry is well situated to capitalize on this mega-trend. Take a peek at the below infographic outlining the potential revenue increases from IoT.

Internet of Things InfographicTo download this infographic, right-click on the picture (PC), or press CONTROL on your keyboard and click your mouse (Apple), and an image menu will appear. Don’t be shy, share the image on your social networks.

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