Leading field maintenance solutions company uses public relations campaign for critical brand awareness and product recognition.

Brand awareness and media exposure are imperative to any B2B business. Public relations and social media are two ways businesses can build their brand awareness and generate greater client interest.

Profile Products manufactures and distributes a large portfolio of solutions to improve and build turf playing surfaces, which can include baseball, football and soccer fields as well as golf courses and a variety of stadium-type grounds.

Profile has long been a premier company in its field, but after an unsuccessful public relations and social media campaign from another agency, Profile turned to Elevation for help with creating brand awareness as well as increasing social media engagement with the company.

The Challenge

Elevation focused specifically on Profile’s Turface athletics and Profile Golf divisions to revitalize the existing public relations campaign as well as integrate a social media strategy to improve brand awareness and social media engagement.

In this new content, Elevation needed to create messaging that was balanced, speaking intelligently to the science behind its products for technical audiences, while not alienating less technically-versed prospective customers.

The Strategy

To generate overall media exposure by redesigning Profile’s existing public relations campaign and creating social media engagement, Elevation developed strategies that included:

  •  Developing strategic points of engagement with targeted media after researching appropriate publications for placement of Turface Athletics and Profile Golf content.
  •  Analyzing related articles in Profile’s industry to determine volume, sentiment, and common themes, then evaluating consistent messaging across all media for both Turface athletics and Profile Golf.
  •  Leveraging its research to craft storylines that offered unique and informative content targeted to publications and their respective audiences.

Business Wins

After implementing the redesigned public relations and new social media campaigns, Profile saw unprecedented growth in their website traffic, social media engagement, and overall media coverage. In the six-month public relations campaign,

  •  Turface saw a 268% increase in their social media engagements.
  • Profile Golf saw a 253% increase in their website traffic.
  • Profile as a whole saw a 1,350% increase in their year over year media coverage.

For more details and the full results, download the full case study to see how Elevation’s public relations and social media strategies brought unparalleled results to Profile’s Turface Athletics and Profile Golf.