Katie Propati

PR Account Executive

In addition to her friendly personality, Katie brings five years of marketing and communications experience inside heavy equipment, construction and industrial verticals to our PR team at Elevation Marketing. From technical and complex to creative and simple, she is dedicated to producing industry-leading brand journalism, promoting client thought leadership and delivering polished projects that support our clients’ goals.

And with her experience on the client side of an agency relationship, Katie brings a dedicated sense of collaboration and communication to her relationships, building client success – on time, and on budget.


Adam Garcia

Senior Graphic Designer

Adam always takes his love for art and drawing to the next level for our clients. At Elevation Marketing, his special talents in Flash and video animation, photography, design and illustration are put to use daily. Adam’s skills help bring client’s brands to life and engage with their customers across a variety of B2B industries.

Mindy Knowlton

Director of Client Development

In her business development role at Elevation, Mindy oversees efforts to develop new and nurture existing business relationships with prospective Elevation partners, including many Fortune 500 companies across critical healthcare, technology, agribusiness and of course – industrial manufacturing – verticals. She uses her fast-learning skills and business acumen to quickly understand the needs of her clients and become an integral part of their marketing communications teams. Mindy has cultivated her skills through a wide variety of international experience, including stops in Italy, Switzerland and Mainland China.


Bernie Ko

Accounting and Operations Manager

Bernie’s experience and expertize in the field of accounting and operations, ensures Elevation Marketing is a well-oiled machine behind the scenes. He’s a genius with numbers, analyzing data and making sure our clients budget needs are handled. Bernie has worked for large, publicly traded companies and also small, mom-and-pop companies so he brings a variety of valuable experience to our team and clients.

Matt Hensler

Vice President, Strategy & Marketing Services

Matt provides strategic guidance to our clients in a variety of industries. He’s a firm believer in hard work, because good ideas and effort aren’t independent of one another. This mantra has served him and his clients well over his professional career. He developed his talents in advertising agencies in Wisconsin, working on various B2B accounts in the healthcare, construction, industrial and financial industries. As Elevation’s strategic lead, Matt uses his marketing, digital and brand development skills to promote existing Elevation clients and helps drive new-business efforts.

Matt has held key positions at the BMA and his work on key fortune 500 brands and smaller start up companies is one of the deepest in the B2B space nationally.


Darren Jones

Creative Director

With over 20 years of experience, Darren represents a combination of artistic skills and technological savvy that you don’t often find in one person. Darren is notably adept at computer-evolved graphics, animation, illustration, production, creative concepting and more. In addition to his own naturally developed sense of graphic design, Darren has extensive experience in the video and commercial world editing, directing, producing, and creative directing in the space.

Darren had a passion for art at an early age and knew he wanted to make it his career. He earned a degree from the selective National Educational Center for Design, with a focus on advertising. His timing coincided with the exploding world of computer graphics, and Darren got in on the ground floor. He quickly learned to blend his instinctive talents with the capabilities and efficiency of digital art.

Scott Miraglia


As president, Scott leverages his extensive agency leadership experience to make Elevation Marketing into one of the top B2B marketing agencies in the country.

Scott’s experience has been hard earned, the result of the last 20 years of developing and leading cutting-edge agencies throughout the United States. Before joining Elevation, Scott served as both COO and CFO for Terralever, one of the country’s premier digital marketing agencies, and prior as President of Liquid Productions, a live event and marketing company with offices across the United States.

Scott’s unique combination of experience, determination and executive leadership has landed organizations under his management on Inc. Magazine’s Top 5,000 list of America’s Fastest Growing Companies on five separate occasions, a list Elevation proudly joined in 2012.


Scott Perkins

Vice President of Client Development

Scott is entrepreneurial through and through and he brings that spirit to lead our business development efforts. He’s spent a majority of his career in the financial industry, specializing in private equity groups, business valuations, mergers and acquisitions and other services. Scott's personal and career paths have led him in many interesting directions, ultimately bringing him to Elevation in 2011.

He now uses his diverse skill set and experience to onboard clients, while also helping our clients navigate through strategic marketing discussions that eventually drive great client/agency results.

Deborah Peterson

Project Manager

At Elevation Marketing, Deborah is responsible for managing all of the agency’s interactive marketing efforts and digital projects from start to finish. Or as she puts it, "making sure we meet every goal on the client’s wish list." The pace and pressures of a busy marketing communications firm are tough on a lot of people, but Deborah’s background and professional experience have conditioned her to handle just about anything from interactive to video editing.


Rob Stevenson

Director of Public Relations

Rob leads our public relations practice and guides all strategic PR engagements with our clients. Before Elevation Marketing, Rob specialized in public and media relations for a variety of large Canadian public sector industries, including healthcare and the military. The nature of these organizations was tied to the dramatic ups and downs of the national oil economy; fluctuating budgets forced Rob to maximize public relations and networking opportunities creatively rather than rely on paid media to achieve communications goals.

At the same time, those challenges enhanced Rob’s communications skills. His adaptability enables him to work comfortably with strategies and messages appealing to diverse but targeted audiences, including leading the issues management and media relations for a $13 billion organization in the throes of the largest change management process in Canadian history.

Savannah Ohl

Project & Traffic Coordinator

Ever since she joined Elevation Marketing, Savannah has used her great multi-tasking abilities to take on bigger and bigger challenges. She has continually shown an amazing talent for keeping many complex projects moving smoothly, or as she puts it, "managing several juggling acts at once." In addition to her supporting our project management team, she also coordinates traffic to ensure we're meeting and exceeding client deadlines.


DeAnn McGrew

Business Development Specialist

DeAnn loves connecting with people and draws strength from each of her day-to-day human interactions. So it comes as no surprise that she should find her passion in a profession like sales. With over 15 years of business development experience, DeAnn’s tenacious personality and winning attitude have proven to be the keys to her monumental achievements. She believes there is always a purpose behind every situation, whether it’s apparent or not. What’s more apparent are the fantastic contributions she brings to the success of our new business team.

Dara Schulenberg

Director of Digital Strategy

Dara’s background represents a focus on complex, technical B2B marketing engagements and maturing digital and social marketing strategies. Previous to joining Elevation Marketing, she spent years as an independent digital marketing specialist. Prior experience includes the launch of a web-based project management solution for the Architectural/Engineering/Construction industry and product management for the world’s largest Q&A discussion community of global IT professionals.


Stephanie French

Project Manager

Stephanie's optimal organizational skills coupled with her amiable personality make her well suited for her position as a project manager. Stephanie manages everything from digital and print projects to live event/exhibit work. In this role, she's the one who's ultimately responsible for making things happen—from job initiation through final delivery—on time and on budget. She’s been a go-getter her entire career and her professional experience includes working on key marketing initiatives for the healthcare, technology and housing industries.

John Mahon

Web Developer

John has a wealth of knowledge in custom development and programming, user interface design, and custom platforms for web endeavors. He has actively put his knowledge and skill set to work for the past 17 years.

His skills range from graphic design to database development and just about everything in between. He is proficient with PHP scripting, MySQL database development, SEO, server management, project management and client relations.


Derek Dujardin


As a professional “dot connector,” Derek’s greatest strength is his ability to turn a list of brand attributes into a brand story that lives, breathes and engages conversation across a variety of consumer and B2B channels. Derek specializes in integrated marketing campaigns that blend digital media with traditional advertising, such as print, broadcast and direct mail.

Derek’s experience spans multiple consumer and B2B verticals, including beverages, retail, banking, hospitals and healthcare, hospitality and leisure, high tech and telecom, as well as education and advocacy for children and college students.

Joyce Mireault

Senior Account Manager

With marketing and operations experience, Joyce understands the business of marketing. Her knowledge of the corporate and agency side of the business make her uniquely qualified to partner with clients in developing strategic plans based on business objectives, research, market knowledge and customer insights – all designed to deliver results. Joyce has extensive experience when it comes to branding, product development, PR, product management, channel marketing, sales and integrated marketing communications, including digital and social.

With a career that spans over 16 years in the industry, Joyce brings to Elevation a passion for marketing and is known for consistently exceeding client expectations.


Amanda Smith

VP, Operations

Amanda’s marketing expertise, upbeat personality and drive to see her clients succeed, combine to make her a key member of the Elevation team where she is entrusted with strategic marketing communications programs for a variety of clients.

Amanda’s professional career represents a depth of varied experience covering many areas of account management, integrated marketing, strategic planning and creative communications. Prior to joining Elevation, was with a full-service advertising, marketing and public relations firm in Kansas City, Missouri.

Mike Bjella

Senior Graphic Designer

With over 15 years of creative experience, Mike has built his career and reputation by honing his many talents, and always exploring new opportunities to improve his creative work. At Elevation Marketing, Mike provides our clients with persuasive, award-winning visual executions that get results. 


Drew Bond

Client Development Specialist

Those who thrive in the rough and tumble world of business do so because they know how to pick themselves up after being knocked down. That’s why everyone at Elevation Marketing expects great things from Drew Bond, a third-year student-athlete in football at Malone University in Canton, Ohio, and our Business Development intern. Drew’s passion and willingness to tackle any and all projects speaks volumes of his character. Prior to joining our team he worked as a packaging and shipping laborer for Kaiser Aluminum, a Fortune 500 company in Chandler, Arizona, as well as working as parts delivery person for Air Specialty Products in Mesa, Arizona.

Sheryl Bettencourt

Account Manager

With over fifteen years of experience, including stints in Hollywood developing public relations campaigns at Universal Pictures, Sheryl has proven her chops when it comes to creating strategic partnerships and building brands. As a seasoned communications professional, Sheryl plays a vital role in managing everything from clients’ business goals and budgets to customer events and trainings. From entertainment, to medical devices to overseeing the planning and development of a major national soccer event, Sheryl brings real star power to the Canyon team, and a strategic mindset to her clients’ businesses.

Whether it’s creating an opportunity to increase brand awareness or ensuring that deadlines aren’t missed, Sheryl’s tireless devotion to creating innovative and engaging ways to communicate is never anything less than an Oscar-worthy performance.


Jenni Barclay

Office Coordinator

As our “manager of first impressions”, Jenni is the friendly face that greets you at Elevation Marketing’s door. Jenni relies on a deep-seated passion for marketing to keep everything at Elevation in harmony.

Her skills, honed after seven years of guerilla and brand marketing, make her a crucial liaison between all of our teams at Elevation. From lead generation efforts with our business development team to our day-to-day activities, Jenni sets up Elevation ¬— and our clients — for success.

Nicole Merrett

Vice President, Client & Digital Services

Nicole is a multi-faceted leader with over 20 years of marketing experience within startups to Fortune 1000 companies. She’s a proven professional with a broad mix of skills, knowledge and experience that she brings to our client engagements. Her background runs the gamut from conceptual strategic planning and tactical implementation to digital infrastructure, analytics and best practices. Nicole’s extensive B2B marketing experience includes branding, demand generation, product development, customer acquisition, customer loyalty, digital engagements, content strategy, UX, IA and implementation. She’s passionate about solving issues and getting successful results on behalf of our clients.

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